New Milagro Cuff Design (alternate title: The Portland Timbers)

It’s a little known fact that I am, indeed, a soccer mom. My son, who is nine, loves all things soccer and is shaping up to be quite a goalkeeper. As a result of his soccer love, my husband and I too have fallen hard for soccer, and as a family we decided to get season tickets to the inaugural year of MLS Soccer in Portland with the Portland Timbers.

I have never had so much fun. We have our tickets in the general admission Timbers Army (the name for the fan/supporters club), and we enjoy being rowdy, standing with all the other supporters, singing chants and songs through each entire match. I never understood fans of other sports and thought I could never be one of them, yet here I am, letting my inner beast out. The game of soccer for me has come to represent the ability to hang tough, not get discouraged, and keep pushing even when things aren’t really going your way. So, it was only natural that it would become part of my art, right?

Enter my newest Milagro cuff design. Crossed axes, representing mental and physical toughness, determination, and perseverance. Appropriate for those times in life when you need that strength of character and will, (and whenever you happen to be rooting for the Timbers). Get one, and wear it with pride!

Especially appropriate for Portland Timbers fans

Latest Milagro Cuff design..."Toughness"

And just so you know that I’m not kidding about the fan thing, here’s a pic of my husband, son, and me…my son practiced his pose with the axe for days prior.


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