Holy Moly…

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Well, it’s been FOREVER since I posted, hasn’t it? Of course, you see that on a lot of blogs…life gets in the way sometimes. I’ve had a relatively tough year since I last posted. I don’t want to bore you with the details, especially since you’ll see the effects of my life challenges in my upcoming work. Funny how that is with art. So for now, I’m just going to post some photos of some of my recent work. And then I’m going to pour myself another cup of strong black coffee.


New Milagro Cuff Design (alternate title: The Portland Timbers)

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It’s a little known fact that I am, indeed, a soccer mom. My son, who is nine, loves all things soccer and is shaping up to be quite a goalkeeper. As a result of his soccer love, my husband and I too have fallen hard for soccer, and as a family we decided to get season tickets to the inaugural year of MLS Soccer in Portland with the Portland Timbers.

I have never had so much fun. We have our tickets in the general admission Timbers Army (the name for the fan/supporters club), and we enjoy being rowdy, standing with all the other supporters, singing chants and songs through each entire match. I never understood fans of other sports and thought I could never be one of them, yet here I am, letting my inner beast out. The game of soccer for me has come to represent the ability to hang tough, not get discouraged, and keep pushing even when things aren’t really going your way. So, it was only natural that it would become part of my art, right?

Enter my newest Milagro cuff design. Crossed axes, representing mental and physical toughness, determination, and perseverance. Appropriate for those times in life when you need that strength of character and will, (and whenever you happen to be rooting for the Timbers). Get one, and wear it with pride!

Especially appropriate for Portland Timbers fans

Latest Milagro Cuff design..."Toughness"

And just so you know that I’m not kidding about the fan thing, here’s a pic of my husband, son, and me…my son practiced his pose with the axe for days prior.

Coming out of hibernation

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At this very moment, the sun is shining through the back window of my house, and the sunshine feels warm and needed on my skin. It’s been a long, cold, wet winter, and I am anxious for warmer weather. I feel like I’ve been in hibernation…I was so busy over the holidays with orders and with family visits (both are good problems to have, no?), that I haven’t really felt like myself in awhile. I realize now that the sun is shining, that it is also due in large part to the lack of rejuvenating sunshine up here in the Pacific Northwest. I really must remember next year to remedy this by taking a vacation somewhere sunny and warm. It’s times like this that I really miss the sun the graces the skies of New Mexico. Even when it’s bitterly cold, the sun is warm.

On that note, here are some photos of my Milagro cuffs for you to enjoy. All of them are available in my Etsy store. One of them, the sun-shaped symbol, I use to represent hope and new beginnings. Appropriate for this feeling today, don’t you think?




Pelican Pendant, to benefit Audubon Society for Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Efforts

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I am raising money to help deal with the devastation caused by the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 100% of the profits from the sales of this necklace will be donated to the Audubon Society to help rescue, clean, and rehabilitate birds and other animals affected by the oil. The pendant is available on a sterling cable, a sterling bead chain, or a leather cord. Cost is $125. To order, contact me directly at shannon@shannonmiranda.com, or you can order through Etsy: www.shannonmiranda.etsy.com.

Pelicans represent devotion and motherly self-sacrifice. It was believed that they would feed their own blood to their babies when food was scarce. It’s now known that the blood splatters on their throat feathers come from the fish they regurgitate for the young, but the myth lives on. The Brown Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana, and was only recently removed from the Endangered Species List. They are being thought of as an indicator species in the Gulf Oil Spill, as the ability of pelicans to survive will be an early signal for the likelihood of other animal species’ abilities to survive the spill.

In researching the pelican to create this pendant, I have developed a fondness and appreciation for their long-necked loveliness, and am very proud to offer this pendant to you. Please purchase one and know that your purchase is going to help these regal birds, as well as all the other creatures living in the Gulf area, to heal, recover, and eventually thrive again.

When ordering, please specify 16″ or 18″ length, as well as type: Sterling Cable, Sterling Bead Chain, or Leather Cord. Orders take approximately 4 weeks.

Thank you for helping.

The Sun is Shining!

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I love how sunlight warms my skin. Seems to put everyone in a good mood, and it makes me hope that our long cold spring is finally coming to a close. I know that it’s supposed to start raining again in a few days, but I’m grateful to take this for now.

Some of my very good friends had their tenth wedding anniversary last night. He arranged to rent Lola’s Room at the Crystal Ballroom, and had Art Abrams Swing Machine playing for the night. It was great fun to see all our old friends, to do a little swing dancing, and to realize also how we’re all ten years older. We looked at photos from the wedding, and I realized that back then I had been so preoccupied with my faults that I completely missed how uniquely beautiful I was. In these pictures I saw a beautiful, happy woman, and I wanted to go back in time to tell her so. Since I am not a time traveller, I can only remind myself that I am the same today: beautiful, loved, and joyful.

Thank the sun today.

Another new piece to show you…this time it’s the Pitted Heart in 22K gold on an Oxidized fine silver band. Enjoy!

Bijou Bird on the Windowed Heart, with Diamonds

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The goldfinches have rediscovered the feeders in my backyard. Their bright yellow color and buzzy songs and calls make me happy, and grateful to be alive.

Another new piece, that’s already sold: Bijou Bird on the Windowed Heart. This one is loaded up with rough diamonds, which sparkle ever so much against the skin. It has an adjustable chain, that closes with a hammered hook and a dangling Pitted Heart. I will be making more Windowed Hearts, some with Bijou and some without. I’ll post pics when they’re done. This will probably be the only one with this many diamonds–I went a little crazy with them.

One of my favorite pictures…

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Miles and Journey. Journey is a Shiba Inu that we got from NW Shiba Rescue. He had been in a terrible situation before…we’re happy that he lives with us now. He’s one of the coolest dogs I know.